Wednesday, August 10, 2011

week III

It's true, I can't believe this is the third week. I'm back at working and thinking of the future. Honestly I didn't think I'd be able to look to the future for a lot longer. I'm just trying to keep as busy as humanly possible. I have an appointment tomorrow to check out the art institute. I'm looking into their photography and interior design programs. When I was growing up those were the two professions I wanted to pursue.

I start my sewing class next week. I am REALLY looking forward to sewing. I have so many ideas in my head of things to create. I am just going to throw myself into sewing this semester.

Brian was in a dream of mine the other day. I spent my entire dream looking for him. When I finally found him he was so happy to see me and we hugged and kissed a bunch! He looked gorgeous! I miss my baby so fucking much!


  1. really happy that you are moving forward. a sewing class is perfect and can't wait to see your ideas!

  2. those dreams are the hardest. my dad died when i was nine and every once in a while (not too often, but sometimes) he'll be in a dream and i'll wake up with that empty, broken feeling realizing all over again that he is gone and the tears just flow.

    i can't tell you enough how sorry i am and how, as hard to believe as it is, it will get easier to cope with. thinking of / praying for you <3

  3. Thank you both so much.

    It's so hard but I am trying my best and I think I'm staying pretty healthy about everything.