Friday, December 31, 2010

goodbye 2010

I started 2010 off with short blonde hair and am waving it goodbye with long black hair. That just goes to show how different things get in one year's time. I can't believe it's already a new year! This year has been so good and at times so bad but I am thankful for everything that happened. I was looking back at all the pictures from this year and I am amazed how much I have grown, my family has grown, the puppies have grown, mine and Brian's relationship has grown. Anyway, I love making lists so here are some goals of mine for the new year!

1. Take more pictures (digital, film, polaroid)

2. have a more stable routine for the week

3. travel + roadtrips

4. keep sewing and learn more about it

5. get to the GYM (of course, isn't this always on everyone's list?)

6. plan our wedding<333

7. make new friends

I'd love to read your new years goals! Do you usually stick to them? Have you been looking back at pictures too and reliving memories? Hope you all have good new year's eve's! Any traditions?

Sunday, December 12, 2010

I Adore Turbans!

Babooska botique is having a sale right now for the holidays..and they have so many pretty colors!

Elsie always has the cutest style!

After seeing these beauties, I HAD to figure out how to make one for myself. I figured it would be a fun projects for a sunday evening. I came across this wonderful video tutorial on burda style. Thought I'd share. Enjoy! <3

Wedding Update

My Fiancé and I have fallen is love with a local venue called The Newland Barn. It is everything we wanted and more! We knew exactly what we wanted from the start and were just looking for it. Since it is found we can keep this wedding ball rolling! It's all so exciting! Here are a few pictures of a beautiful wedding at the newland barn that inspired us and helped us fall more in love with the venue.

As far as my dress, I am in love with EVERYTHING Ms. Sarah Seven creates. These are a few of my absolute favorites:

I also just discovered Ivy and Aster<3 There are so many pretty pretty things! It's so hard to choose! All of these breath taking dresses are all so insanely affordable too!

What do you gals think? I know one of these amazing designers will be making my dress...I wish I could wear them all at once! haha! I find myself being more attracted to the shorter wedding dresses..What are your thoughts on wedding dress length? What kind of dresses have you girls worn or plan on wearing?