Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cake tasting

Today Brian and I had an appointment to do a tasting for our wedding cake(s) at Sweet and Saucy. This little shop is SO cute and they are definitely the place we are sticking with for our wedding cake and dessert table.

When we first got there they had a table set up for us with several mini cupcakes, cake lollipops, and a couple of cups with some fillings in them, and water:) Melody helped us and she is so bubbly and cute. She made if very simple and comfortable for us going over all of the little details. Here are some of the things that sweet and saucy has created that I love and inspire me (all photos can be found here in their gallery).

I cannot wait to take the next steps in creating the most amazing dessert table<3

Sunday, January 23, 2011

longer engagement

[Photo taken by me. This is my love, Brian.]

Last night Brian and I talked realistically about getting married and decided on having a longer engagement. Longer being open ended. We always talked about a longer engagement to really soak up the feelings and experiences, since we only get them once. I love that he and I are always on the same page it just goes to show how perfect we are for each other.

Today is my aunts' birthdays. They are twins and turning 33! I cannot believe it! We have grown up together and they have always been my best friends. I remember their birthdays at shakey's pizza when they were teenagers. Life flies by..
I am really excited to give them their birthday gifts. I love getting people i love presents! Speaking of..the Pantages theater in LA is having Beauty and the Beast soon! My sister loves that movie and I think she would really love seeing that musical. I want to surprise her with tickets to see it!

How have you all been?

Sunday, January 16, 2011

it's such a beautiful day today

Hello friends! I would love to get my hands on this gorgeous locket from Rust! Isn't it amazing?!

Last weekend I ended up doing everything on my to do list except start my skirt with my blue houndstooth fabric. YAY! I actually think that I might do that today.

Last night I got serious with wedding expenses and really got a good idea of what we are looking at. We are looking to have our wedding at the newland barn, we want in & out to cater, and we want to get a Smilebooth! It's all so exciting! For a little while we were playing with the idea of having a beach wedding, a campground wedding, and even a wedding at Brian's recording studio. We are back to idea number uno. The barn. le sigh. It makes me the happiest and is where my heart is.

I also went to david's bridal to look at dresses...I did NOT like that place at all. Not my style. Everything was too fancy and ball gownish. I was hoping they would have had a larger variety. Yesterday my best friend Ashley and I even went to the mall and looked for dresses for the bridesmaids. No luck there either. The gap did have a pretty cute dress that might possibly be an option..

I love the zipper in the front! I tried it on in plum and it even comes in black. It would be cute to have both colors.

I am off to relax and cuddle in bed! Hope you all have a good sunday! <3

Thursday, January 6, 2011

week one.

Today is my friday! YAY! I won't have fridays off for very much longer so I am going to really enjoy them.

It's only week one of 2011 and I am really happy with how things are turning out. I gave my two weeks notice at work and am retuning to my previous job (it's a good thing). No more traffic both ways to work HORRAYYY! I will be back to work five days a week instead of four, but I see that as a positive. I am in a good place.

Weekend plans:

1. Sew a skirt with the houndstooth fabric.

2. find something to makeover for Project restyle

3. See my bff, who is getting home from Miami tonight! (I've missed her tons!)

4. Finish crocheting my scarf

5. Start on some projects from Moden Patchwork!

6. Cuddle with the fiance (and watch the new jersey shore!) ;)

7. have breakfast with my family on family sunday<3 (my favorite day of the week)

Monday, January 3, 2011

oh hello monday!

Today has been a REALLY good day for me! It was my first day back to work after a long 10 days off..I was kind of dreading it, but I was completely prepared all day and was very productive. Brian even came to have a lunch date with me! Our lunch dates always brighten my day and make me feel refreshed.. We ate my favorite (chipotle)! I even stayed after work and got a lot done which is nice then on my way home there was NO traffic! Whoever lives in orange county knows how bad the 405 can be at 5:30-6 pm. Once I made it home Brian and I had a date to target and got some essentials and got some dinner. Now we are cozy at home and I am just feeling really good today :) thought that I'd share!

how were all of your days? what do you all do for work?

Photo source: Kelli Murray (she is amazing!)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Last night we built a fort and kissed when the clock struck twelve. Brian has been the best new years kiss for the past three years and I am so thankful to have him forever and ever!

How were all of your evenings?