Monday, March 7, 2011

I'm aliveeee

It's been awhile since I have blogged..I just have felt like I haven't had much to say. I have just been working a lot. I did recently started weight watchers and that is going okay. I did it a couple years ago and lost 15 pounds. This time around is harder for me..I'm not sure why. My goal now is to lost 1-2 pounds a week and by my birthday (june) it will be a good amount of pounds gone. I'd say that is pretty realistic.

I have some appointments this month for wedding dress shopping. I'm so excited! At first I was going to order a dress online and started having second thoughts. I would feel more comfortable trying dresses on before jumping in and being committed to a dress.

Brian and I got ipod touches a couple of weeks ago and boy (!) are we in love! We felt like we had been living under a rock and had no idea. We decided on ipod touches over iphones because we want to wait until we're married to extend any contracts and what not and also want to wait until the iphone5 comes out to invest in iphones. The ipod touch can get all the same apps and you can get wifi just about everywhere and it has been totally worth it for us. So far my favorite apps are: instagram, words with friends, starbucks mobile card, and tetris! What are some of your favorite apps?

So some goals for the week I have for the week are:

1. go to sewing class
2. start on my skirt with houndstooth fabric
3. gym at least 3 x
4. clean my car

What are your goals for the week?

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