Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I can never think of a cool title

I had a lazy weekend and it was all I had been dreaming of. I'm a dental assistant and although it may not sound like that hard of a job but it is pretty demanding. I am on my feet 8 hours a day and always busy. I love it but by the weekend I am exhausted!

Yesterday my aunts ("the twins") got some tickets to the ducks game. I love going hockey games! Baseball games too! I plan on going to as many baseball games as I can this season. The ducks won! YAY! I even got to see a hat trick (and learned what it is! It's when the same player scores 3 goals in one game.)

I had today off of work and we had such a nice day. We did some spring cleaning and had a good, late breakfast and even drove to the beach!

I played with my yarn and did a little crocheting. It was so beautiful today! It was warm and there was a nice breeze. I love this weather.

Living so close to the beach is amazing. I don't know what it would be like to not live close to the beach. We are lucky.

There is NOTHING like putting your feet in the sand.

I ended the night by going to the gym with my baby brother and sister. My sister actually came to pick me up! It's so weird that she can drive now (they both can). They're still babies to me. I can't believe how grown up they are!

It was really nice to work out. REALLY nice! I have plans to take some classes and keep a gym routine strong. It's easy to slack off when it comes to working out. I always feel so much better.



  1. yes i to plan on going to as many baseball games as i can this year. we live so close to the stadium there is no reason we shouldn't go! plus tickets are pretty cheap to!

    it feels so good to work out! after being sick for almost a month i am finally back on my bike, YAY!


  2. What city do you live in?

    I love that baseball tickets are pretty cheap! so great.

    I want to invest in a bike. A beach cruiser. ::swoon::


  3. I've never been to a hockey game, but it looks like fun! And I'm envious you're a gym addict. I need to get in that mode!


  4. Gorgeous photos! Looks like a lovely weekend! I'm so jealous you live close to the beach. SO jealous. xoxo

  5. Your weekend sounds really lovely. And YES working out is the best feeling ever, do it!