Tuesday, March 8, 2011

C r o c h e t night

Tonight I got together with my two aunts (they're twins) + my cousin, Quin, and crocheted! YAY! I loveee crocheting. We are learning to do granny squares. I want to master granny squares and make a big blanket out of them. How cute, right? These pictures are from the early stages of the squares (obviously since it's not quite a square yet..) I love family time! I'm really excited for my aunts to come wedding dress shopping with me. We also talked about making turkey burgers sunday. yum! I can't wait.

I need to get some shut eye..I've got a long day tomorrow (4 hour sewing class after 8 hours of work). I am really REALLY looking forward to my sewing class though. I'm still in the early steps of my dress. I'll take some photos tomorrow of my progress. How are you all doing?

Love this! [ found here ]


  1. Good luck on your granny squares! I love your inspiration photo!

  2. I need to have a little crochet night myself, and very soon. I love, love that photo! It was actually the inspiration for my granny square blanket I made last summer.

  3. Thanks! I need all the luck I can get :)

    I love all of the colors in my inspiration photo. so dreamy.

  4. i love that blanket! i have always wanted to make one but just have never found the time. good luck i am sure it will be beautiful!


  5. thank you! it's tough but it will be well worth it.