Tuesday, February 1, 2011

s e w

Tomorrow in my sewing class I will start making this dress. I am REALLLLY excited about it! I got white kona cotton and white satin for the lining. Very simple and I can't wait to see how it turns out! I am going to make the dress with thicker straps and I want to sew some lace to the end of the satin to give it a slip feel.

Today when I saw the Orla Kiely Spring 2011 line, I was insanely inspired! It is such an amazing feeling and it's quite new to me. I want to make my own line of dresses one day. Behold the beauty of Orla Kiely:

Tonight I also did something for Project ReStyle. Pardon the quick, oddly lighted pictures, you get the point though..

I am completely happy with my up style and can't wait to wear it! :) Do any of you sew and is anyone else doing Project ReStyle?

*click the pictures to make them bigger


  1. I just took a sewing class. I really need my own machine now so I can do stuff like this.

  2. How cute. I *can* sew. But I'm a far cry from a seamstress. I wish that were one of my talents though. A bit of jealousy coming your way.

  3. Lovely post :). I like this blog :).
    Follow me? I'll follow you too :D.
    Alla Moda e con Stile

  4. that dress is so cute! you are gonna have so much fun making it!



  5. I want to get my seamstress/tailoring certificate. I think that would be SO cool!

  6. oh my, orla kiely is simply perfect. im in love with this!