Thursday, November 11, 2010

8 Etsy loves Thursday

I LOVE having 4 day work weeks! Tonight I ate some home made carne asada tacos with my family and sat around the table talking for 2 hours! My aunts (they're twins) just moved back home from Washington. It's so nice having them back. They're the glue that holds us all together. What did you all do today? Here are some of my favorite etsy things this week!

1. I am in love with anything clouds so this is a must have for me!

2. These are soo pretty! Even after the candle is gone and you can keep cute pretty things in the beautiful containers.

3. There is just something special about vintage luggage.

4. Team COCO <3

5. I would love one of these with mine and the boyfriend's initials, SO dreamy..

6. I want to get a feather tattoo and these inspire me.

7. I am a sucker for sewing related anything, how cute is this??

8. I call my boyfriend bear and this would be the perfect christmas gift for him!

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Hope you enjoyed! This was fun! <3heather


  1. Team CoCo!! <3 And I adore that first one. It's sooo cute.

  2. this is such a great post! I love EVERYTHING in the post especially the clouds! oh how i want them! :)
    p.s. Im hosting a craft challenge called Mix N' Match Craft Challenge, I'd LOVE it if you'd join in! :) its going to be really fun, here are the details

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