Sunday, January 23, 2011

longer engagement

[Photo taken by me. This is my love, Brian.]

Last night Brian and I talked realistically about getting married and decided on having a longer engagement. Longer being open ended. We always talked about a longer engagement to really soak up the feelings and experiences, since we only get them once. I love that he and I are always on the same page it just goes to show how perfect we are for each other.

Today is my aunts' birthdays. They are twins and turning 33! I cannot believe it! We have grown up together and they have always been my best friends. I remember their birthdays at shakey's pizza when they were teenagers. Life flies by..
I am really excited to give them their birthday gifts. I love getting people i love presents! Speaking of..the Pantages theater in LA is having Beauty and the Beast soon! My sister loves that movie and I think she would really love seeing that musical. I want to surprise her with tickets to see it!

How have you all been?


  1. I think that having a long engagement is fabulous! You should enjoy that fantastic stage for as long as you would like.



  2. Thanks for hanging today love! Dani says HELLO! :)

    And Beauty and The Beast?! This a must see for me...I'm going to start hinting for Dani to take me. <3

    Also, I'm really happy I chose to have a year to plan my wedding vs. having 8 months. I'm really enjoying how easy everything has been. It's much less stressful and much more enjoyable. :)

  3. thank YOU for hanging out today! I know you're so busy with work and everything..I am totally up to help with any wedding related stuff you need help with!

    I am happy to have more time to dream up my perfect wedding, less stress is better :) We don't want to be bridezillas ;) I cannot wait to see your wedding come to life! you have such great style and visions and it will be perfectly perfect!

    Beauty and the beast!! I want to see it so bad! I think it's going to be at the oc performing art center in march for a few weeks.