Sunday, January 16, 2011

it's such a beautiful day today

Hello friends! I would love to get my hands on this gorgeous locket from Rust! Isn't it amazing?!

Last weekend I ended up doing everything on my to do list except start my skirt with my blue houndstooth fabric. YAY! I actually think that I might do that today.

Last night I got serious with wedding expenses and really got a good idea of what we are looking at. We are looking to have our wedding at the newland barn, we want in & out to cater, and we want to get a Smilebooth! It's all so exciting! For a little while we were playing with the idea of having a beach wedding, a campground wedding, and even a wedding at Brian's recording studio. We are back to idea number uno. The barn. le sigh. It makes me the happiest and is where my heart is.

I also went to david's bridal to look at dresses...I did NOT like that place at all. Not my style. Everything was too fancy and ball gownish. I was hoping they would have had a larger variety. Yesterday my best friend Ashley and I even went to the mall and looked for dresses for the bridesmaids. No luck there either. The gap did have a pretty cute dress that might possibly be an option..

I love the zipper in the front! I tried it on in plum and it even comes in black. It would be cute to have both colors.

I am off to relax and cuddle in bed! Hope you all have a good sunday! <3

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